500,000 ft²

“Rambler” student housing project – Athens, GA

Spanning an impressive 600,000 square feet. Our design deployed high-efficiency Rootop Units, split systems, and specialized ductless systems for unique applications. Using our expertise, we can ensure a top-notch HVAC system that guarantees optimal indoor air quality and temperature control throughout the diverse facility. With over 300 units across two buildings, this project truly exemplifies modern HVAC design. In addition to residential floors, the development encompasses multiple amenity levels, including gymnasiums, community spaces, study rooms, and dining, creating unique challenges for commercial HVAC design.

Our firm’s commitment to sustainability is evident in this project as well. We have implemented energy-efficient HVAC systems and incorporated eco-friendly technologies to minimize the facility’s environmental impact while maximizing energy savings. Throughout the design and implementation process, our team of skilled professionals has ensured that every aspect of the HVAC system aligns with the project’s objectives. From the selection of appropriate equipment to the careful zoning of the HVAC system, we have strived to optimize energy usage, enhance occupant comfort, and facilitate ease of maintenance.

We are immensely proud to have been a part of this monumental student housing facility project. ING’s unwavering commitment to excellence has ensured that the HVAC system seamlessly integrates into the overall design, offering students a living space that is both inviting and functional. With our expertise, we have contributed to creating an environment where students can thrive academically and socially, fostering a vibrant and enriching community within the heart of the campus.