34,000 ft²

ING’s top priority in healthcare design is safety and comfort for both patients and staff. Those considerations are exemplified in the HVAC, plumbing, medical gas and fire protection systems designed for this new emergency department at South Georgia Medical Center’s Berrien Campus.

Large, roof mounted air handlers condition and ventilate the 9 exam rooms and other patient and staff support spaces. Terminal units with electric reheat allow occupants to control the temperature in each space. Critical areas, such as airborne isolation rooms and trauma rooms, use precision air valves, pressure monitoring systems and dedicated exhaust to ensure that infectious diseases are contained.

The 30 gallon per minute emergency showers provide initial decontamination treatment for victims of chemical emergencies.
The whole building water softening system prolongs the life of piping and water heating equipment by preventing scale build-up.
Each of the building systems were thoroughly assessed to determine the effect of downtime from failure or maintenance on patient safety. The most critical systems were designed with redundant components and are backed up by generator power.